Tier 3 Tech & MMP Protecting your business

In today’s technology landscape how do you know if your systems are protected, healthy, and up-to-date? Well, the answer may not be as simple as you would think. While a good anti-virus solution in important, some think that’s all you need. But really, it’s just one piece of a larger puzzle.

How can Tier 3 Tech take the worry out of your computer security?
We offer a complete Monthly Maintenance Program (MMP) that covers all your security. How?
First we partner with Webroot to offer a managed antivirus solution to keep track of any threats in “real time”.

Second, we keep your software up-to-date by regularly installing patches is another essential piece. How do we know this? Consider a study from 2014 by Microsoft that looked at Anti-virus software itself. They found that infection rates were the same between unpatched anti-virus systems and systems with no anti-virus! So with hundreds of different softwares and Operating System services, how is it possible to keep track of what you have installed AND if it has the latest software?

Enter Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions. These technologies are designed to help IT administrators and managed service providers (MSPs) remotely monitor PCs and other devices. Remote monitoring includes proactive maintenance to improve overall IT reliability and productivity. With nearly two-thirds (67%) of employees working either fully or partially remotely, having a remote management strategy is key for organizations of all sizes.

Desktop Central

Tier 3 Tech has partnered with Mange Engine – Desktop Central to provide our contract customers with the highest level of support. What are some some benefits for you?

  • Automate Regular Desktop Management Activities
  • Standardize configurations of OS and Application Across the Network
  • Secure Desktops from Wide Range of Threats
  • Troubleshoot day-to-day Problems
  • Fully patch software and OS

These are just a few, and will also depend on the configuration of each client. But what changes should you expect to see?

Patch Mondays

Every Monday patches will be installed for software, drivers, bios, and the O/S. Most patches will be installed and the end users will not know. But if ANY installation could impact the end user, a notification will be displayed allowing the end user to select if they would like to proceed, or install later. Messages would look similar to this:

We are proud to offer this new solution to help our customers be successful and have confidence in their technology! If you have any questions, or would like to see how Tier 3 Tech can help your business, give us call or send us a message.