MacBook Air (M1 2020) Review from an IT Company

Specs- Base Model
Features M1 Chip
256GB Storage
8GB of Ram
8-Core CPU & 7-Core GPU

We are an IT company (Tier 3 Tech) so we have many computers, laptops and servers. The reason is to support our customers. We want to make sure we are at the ready in any situation. A recent addition is the MacBook Air. This was to replace our 2015 MacBook Pro. Overall we are very happy with the MacBook Air. It is very sleek and light. She looks good!

Some of our favorite features are: M1 processor is lighting fast. We love the finger print reader (it’s a nice touch). The display is beautiful. Also, just for kicks we ran Minecraft on it and it didn’t do too bad. Since it is an apple product, it fits in well with their eco-system. I love being able to use my iPad, iPhone and MacBook seamlessly.

Our least favorite features are: Battery life is not as advertised, if you are doing anything besides having 1 internet browser window open for surfing, the battery depletes quickly. Another con is it does run hot since it’s fanless, although that could be considered a pro since it is completely silent. A big con in our opinion is it only has USB-C ports which means you will need to carry adapters with you. If you do a lot of networking with other windows machines and network use network resources, MacBooks are probably not the best option for you.

Would we purchase this laptop again? Yes we would. It works great for our needs and it travels well. It has been working perfectly for when we use it with our clients that use apple products. We also find ourselves reaching for it for personal use as well. It seems to be our go to lately.

Below you will find the link to Amazon for the MacBook Air. If you use the link I will receive a small commission.

MacBook Air M1 2020

Brandi Paxton